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Daily Meditation: A Call to Awakening

[#source] If you’re looking for a daily or weekly spiritual practice to support your faith journey, the daily meditations from the Centre for Action and Contemplation are an excellent resource.

This is from today’s reflection:

“Those who respond to the call and agree to carry and love what God loves—which is both the good and the bad—and to pay the price for its reconciliation within themselves, these are the followers of Jesus Christ. They are the leaven, the salt, the remnant, the mustard seed that God uses to transform the world. The cross, then, is a very dramatic image of what it takes to be usable for God. It does not mean they are going to heaven and others are not; rather, it means they have entered into heaven much earlier and thus can see things in a transcendent, whole, and healing way now.”

The language of spiritual transformation is already written deeply within our bodies.

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