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‘If God wants a woman to be moderator, it will happen’, says next Presbyterian leader

As well as being theologically incoherent, this is outrageously poor leadership from Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Systemic male privilege in the church was introduced by and is protected by men, not by God. It is therefore the responsibility of those who currently hold such privilege to recognise it and to introduce systemic change.

For many of those people, this will mean a degree of letting go and giving up power and privilege to others. In other words they have to actually be Christ like.

If you are sitting in a PCI congregation, please make sure to challenge your leaders on this issue. Don’t let them just abdicate responsibility with the old “if God wants it, it will happen” rhetoric.

The moderator-designate of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) has said that if God wants a woman to lead then it will happen, after the only female on the shortlist lost out.

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