Come as You Are

Chris Hudson – Minister of All Souls, Belfast

Chris Hudson is Minister of All Souls Church Belfast and Moderator of the Non-Subscribing Church of Ireland.

The NSPCI is a liberal non-creedal denomination. Chris believes that sadly the Liberal Christian message is not heard over the strident rigid orthodox views. He is convinced there is a space for liberal religions to be lobbying on social issues, such as LGBTQ+ rights and taking a revivalist approach to non-doctrinal, non-creedal religious commitment.

Chris Hudson worked as a Trade union official for 18 years in Dublin, Ireland, before becoming a Unitarian Minister. During his period as a Trade Unionist he was involved in the Dublin Unitarian Church, he was a lay pastor in that church for a number of years. He had a keen interest in issues related to the developing world and has travelled to India, Pakistan, Brazil and Central America. He was for a number of years a Trustee for Oxfam Great Britain and Honorary Chair of Oxfam Ireland for 4 years.

He led a Peace Organisation, The Peace Train, in Ireland during the recent conflict in Northern Ireland and was in direct discussion between Loyalist (UVF) Paramilitaries and the Irish Government in Dublin. He received The Lord Mayor’s Award from the Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1994 for his work with the Trade Union Movement, Oxfam, The Peace Train and the Anti Apartheid Movement. In 1999 He was included in the Honours List by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for his peace work in Northern Ireland, The Peace Train. He is still involved in conflict resolution with paramilitaries. He is involved in the campaign for Civil Partnership in the Irish Republic. He is known for his campaigning on behalf of LGBT Rights in Northern Ireland with particular reference to Christian Church hostility to Gays and Lesbians. He received the award “Hero of the Year” from Belfast Pride in 2010. He also campaigns to oppose anti Semitism, the demonisation and Boycotting of Israel.

Chris Hudson believes there is a common bond between liberals of all faiths and that we should build stronger links to counter fundamentalism. He is the Irish representative for the International Association of Religious Freedom. Chris is a member of the Social Forum of the CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland). He is married to Isabella Evangelisti, the Art Historian.