A Place at Our Table: Jade Irwin

Director of Diverse Church

Coffee and cat lover. Gay. Diverse Church Director. Facilitator of real conversations.

Jade Irwin is a believer in real conversations, community and connection. In her work across community, conflict, faith and fostering climates, she has the immense joy of encountering a lot of lives and stories. Her work with Diverse Church has been both devastating and live-giving. Jade recalls time after time, human beings experiencing rejection from their faith communities, friendship circles and families as a result of discriminatory and oppressive responses to their lives and loves. There have also been stories full of hope, where people have found themselves celebrated, and breathing more easily within their communities and contexts.

Jade is passionate to see a world where LGBTQIA+ people can be fully themselves, without exception, across every fabric of society. Good coffee and cuddles with her partner Lucy, their 5 year old and their 2 cats bring the greatest joy every day, and very much keep Jade going.