In Conversation with Mandy Cook

A therapist working with Religious Trauma

Mandy Cook is an integrative therapist based in Lisburn who focuses her work on the impact of religious trauma in the lives of people in Northern Ireland.

An under-researched and often taboo subject, she hopes to bring more conversations into public domain and build more resources for those experiencing this. Mandy is now available for one-to-one sessions and offering consultancy for any organisations or practitioners wanting to know more about this area. Mandy explains: 

“Religious trauma was a phrase that I had never heard of but that didn’t stop me experiencing it. It took years to join the dots and find ways to process and heal. I hope to make space for people to unpack the many ways this can impact our connection to our bodies, minds, sexuality, intuition and spirituality.”

Find out more about Mandy and book a one-to-one session at or on instagram @tenderwildni